I am an open source hardware and software enthusiast, passionate about technology, embedded systems and the web. My interest lies in developing interconnected smart systems for consumer products.

An electronics and communication graduate from the University of Delhi, I graduated from Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Pennsylvania with my Masters Degree in Embedded Systems.

  • [ Jun 2013 ] Graduated from the University of Delhi with a Bachelors in Engineering, Electronics and Communication.
  • [ Aug 2013 ] Started my Masters of Science in Engineering (Embedded Systems) at the University of Pennsylvania
  • [ Aug 2013 ] Teaching Assistant for Math 104 for Prof. Chris Hays
  • [ Jan 2014 ] Teaching Assistant for Math 114 for Prof. Wolfgang Ziller
  • [ May 2014 ] Summer Internship at Silicon Labs, Austin, TX
  • [ Aug 2014 ] Teaching Assistant for Math 104 for Prof. M├írton Hablicsek
  • [ May 2015 ] Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with MS in Embedded Systems
  • [ Jul 2015 ] Joined Silicon Labs as a Product Test Engineer, MCU Wireless Products
Some Course and Side Projects
  • Source: WebRTCHack: Realtime Communication via Javascript. Weekend Hack, 2015. Some APIs have changed over time. Free hosting takes time to load.
  • Source Video: ESE 519: BrainWav Emotion Classification, Course Project, 2014
  • Source: Build uCs in the Cloud, Summer Side Project. 2014
  • Source: CLI Distributed Chat Application; UPenn Course Project, 2014.
  • Paper and Python implementation of Machine Learning: Lyrics Assisted Music Prediction, Course Project 2014
  • Source: Stellaris Guru Custom ARM Cortex-M3 board; Co-authored a lab manual book funded by Texas Instruments India, 2013.
  • Source: nhack; NSIT Hackathon Weekend Hack. Built on Ruby on Rails, 2010
  • Source: partlister : Inventory Management, Weekend Hack, Built on Ruby on Rails, 2010
  • AnalytXLS: Android App Development, Side Project, 2010
  • Video: Photo 1 Photo 2 ; Health Log Manager. TI India Analog Design Contest, 2010
  • Basic Hardware-Software Codesign implementation of RSA Public Key Cryptographic Algorithm: An implementation on custom ARM cortex M3 board and custom XC3S250E based FPGA shield.